Super Fighters

is a action game which is loved by a lot of gamers
In Super-Fighters game, Players will be divided into two factions to fight. If the player does not destroy the opponent, the opponent will destroy them.. Therefore, you should take extreme careful and vigilance.
The player's task in Super-Fighters is to use weapons that they owned such as rifles, grenades, etc. to defeat opponents by destroying them .During the match, random weapons appear around, players can pick and use them to support for the battle.
The mode of Super-Fighters Game
The game has 3 modes: VS Mode, Stage Mode and Survival mode:
VS mode: The players are able to choose the battle phase they want and can fight up to 7 opponents.
Stage Mode: Players must complete all the challenges to collect more teammates, maximum 12 people.
Survival mode: Try to beat the opponent as fast as possible because of limited fighting time.
Guide to play Super-Fighters game:
2 player mode:
The player 1: Use the arrow keys to move the character to the left, to the right, up and down in the direction of the arrow, "N" is to punch, key "" is to throw grenades, "M" is to shoot, key "." is to increase power
The player 2: Use the key of W, A, S and D to control character. Key "1" is to punch, key "2" is to shoot, key "3" is to throw grenades, key "4" is to increase power.
Features, characteristics of Super-Fighters game: With a beautifully designed interface and a lively sound, it gives you the most realistic feeling.
Appear eleven fighters
There are total 13 weapons in the match
Play Super-Fighters to experience right away. Wish you happy gaming!
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